The Designer

Lulu Alhassan is the Founder and Creative Director of Lu Vixen. Born in the USA and raised between Saudi Arabia and DC, where she finished her master’s degree in IT, Lulu takes her first steps in the world of luxury footwear by resigning from her job back in Saudi and flying to Milan to peruse her passion in shoes.

5 years of learning in the industry and her innate passion for designing pave the way for the launch of Lu Vixen in 2020 at LFW. With her diverse expertise, Lulu shaped the story of very unique designs that she calls “lingerie of the feet”

Lu Vixen is the quintessential alter ego of Lulu. A powerful siren who isn’t afraid to showoff her sexy, feisty side. She commands attention through her statement style, she is dangerous, daring, provocative, fierce, yet classy, gentle, and feminine.